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JENNIFER SHEPARD is one of the owners and is proud to say that this is our eighth year! Jen went to school in Iowa and then moved to Chicago. She performed at iO and The Playground Theater and worked with The Galileo Players , Gay Co! and Brick. Since moving to Maine she's enjoyed teaching improv at The College of the Atlantic, the Beth C. Wright Cancer Resource Center, on Isle Au Haut, and at ImprovAcadia. During the winter months she joins Chicago's The Second City performing aboard Norwegian Cruise Lines. If you really love her, send her yarn. K2Tog now!.
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LARRANCE FINGERHUT (Music Director) has been improvising on the piano since he was two years old. After spending 13 years performing and composing in the Bar Harbor area he went to Chicago where he was music director for iO, Baby Wants Candy, and Second City Touring Company, and a teacher and music director at Columbia College. He composes string quartets and music for theater. During the winter months he joins Chicago's The Second City cast performing for Norwegian Cruise Line in the Caribbean, Europe, and Hawaii.
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ANDY ENINGER is a writer, actor and director. He leads corporate workshops for Second City Communications and teaches improv and sketch for their Chicago Training Center. He has performed for The Second City on Norwegian Cruise Lines and as an understudy on the Chicago Main-stage.A founding member of GayCo, he has performed in 13 original comedy revues. Andy is the After-Dark Award winning composer of Bandgeeks: A Halftime Musical, which he also directed, and has presented his solo improv show Sybil to audiences around North America. His newest project is Pinque Pony, a comedy duo in tank tops.

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JOHN HARTMAN is very excited to be back for his fourth season at ImprovAcadia. John performs around Chicago at the iO Theater, at the Apollo Theater with the musical improv powerhouse Baby Wants Candy, and at The Annoyance Theatre, where he recently mounted his second solo show, I'm Sorry I Missed You (Time Out Chicago Critic's Pick). He is an understudy for The Second City National Touring Company, and also toured Hawaii with Second City aboard the Pride of America. He would like to thank Jen and Larrance and that lobster he is going to eat.

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ABBY MCENANY is so happy to be back in Bar Harbor with ImprovAcadia. She hails from Chicago. Thanks Jen and Larrance!
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MIKE KOSINSKI is so thrilled to return to ImprovAcadia. When he is not luxuriating in Maine, he is touring the country with The Second City National Touring Company. In Chicago, Mike has trained and performed at The Second City, The Annoyance Theater, The i.O. Theater, ComedySportz Chicago, and The Playground Theater. Mike has given it his best shot, and he still does not like Lobster Rolls. Mike is sorry for that.
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TYLER SMITH is intensely excited to be doing improv in the greatest harbor ever. Hailing from Chicago, you can currently see Tyler at The Playground playing with Chicago Reader recommended "Claymore." With Claymore, he will be working on the second season of a monthly sketch show, "Exquisite Corpse." Find out more at ( Tyler is an alumnus of the iO Training Center, and has taken workshops with Mick Napier, Susan Messing, and Mark Sutton. Tyler would like to thank Jen and Larrance for this intense opportunity, his intensely awesome family, and he'd like to thank Mo for being intensely pretty.
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SAM SUPER is very happy to be back at ImprovAcadia! Sam is the Associate Director of the ComedySportz Theatre in Chicago and has been a part of the city's finest improv troupes, including Baby Wants Candy, iO's Revolver, The Hot Karl and many more. Sam spent much of 2010 on board the Norwegian Dawn with The Second City and is a faculty member at the Second City Training Center. If you see him around Bar Harbor, please don't make fun of his Camelbak Hydration Backpack.
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RACHEL MILLER is delighted to return to ImprovAcadia. Favorite performing credits: The Second City National Touring Co, Second City's Philadelphia production The City of Nutterly Love: Funny as Bell, guitar/vocal improv duo Vlad & Rachel, The Podcast, Breathing On Cougarness, BFF:DOA, the 5-1/2 years she spent in Amsterdam with Boom Chicago, comedy festivals in Edinburgh, Singapore and Berlin, and freestyle-rapping at the U2 Vertigo European Tour Party. Love and thanks to family, friends, bosses, this cast, her dog Lu, and especially Andrew, who she's gonna marry in October.
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DEANNA MOFFITT could not be happier making her return trip to ImprovAcadia; especially since she'll be here in the fall, frolicking in the leaves and avoiding black fly season. Deanna resides in Chicago with her husband Rance Rizzutto where she's performed with ComedySportz, iO, Second City Theatricals, and WNEP. She is one half of the paring of The R&D Project that performs a completely silent improv show set to a sound track of music. She co-hosts This Much is True Chicago's hottest story telling show, and she's also a Voice Over talent and corporate trainer. Thank you Larrance!
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JEFF GRIGGS is the author of the book Guru;My Days with Del Close. He has most recently been seen performing for Second City on the NCL Star in Alaska and the Panama Canal as well as the NCL Dawn in Bermuda and the NCLA Pride of America in Hawaii. In Chicago he performs with iO Theater's Deep Schwa and with his traveling team Aphaisa. He also is the co-host of the podcast Aphasia Presents Something and the Story Producer for the TV show Sports Action Team.
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BRETT LYONS Brett Lyons is thrilled to be returning to Improv Acadia for his 5th season. He recently has been in The Second City Does Baltimore and part of Second City Theatricals aboard the NCL Pride, Dawn and Gem cruise ships. When not in Maine you can find him performing at Chicago's I.O. Theater in The Armando Diaz and with Deep Schwa. Also, he can be seen around the country performing with Aphasia and heard on their weekly podcast. (
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JOHN LOOS is thrilled to be part of ImprovAcadia's 8th season! He's an actor, writer and director who has performed aboard two NCL ships for Second City. He's an ensemble member of GayCo Productions, a regular performer at Laugh Out Loud Theater (Schaumburg, IL), an original cast member of the Annoyance Theatre's long-running Skinprov. He has trained at the Second City, iO Chicago and iO West in Hollywood. His nickname is Sasquatch, and he's actually played a sasquatch in a spec commercial for Converse.

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JULIA WEISS is pleased as punch to be joining the cast of ImprovAcadia this season! Originally from Valparaiso, IN, Julia moved to Chicago in 2007 to find herself and do very serious plays. Luckily she discovered the magic of improv and currently performs with 1941 at CIC, Lumberjack Tsunami at The Playground, ButchMAX at iO and Let the Poison Out and El Lunchies anywhere they can. She produces The Super Happy Fun Show at The Cornservatory and entertains the patients of Children's Memorial Hospital with the cast of Funny Bones. Julia also enjoys writing and her work as been featured on McSweeney's Internet Tendency, various Chicago stages, and her dream journal. Julia would like to thank her family and Adal for being the most delightful humans.

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BOBBY RICHARDS is making his debut at ImprovAcadia this season and could not be more excited. This Indianapolis native moved to Chicago in 2007 to do a little improv and a little sketch. Bobby currently plays with Classy D at iO Chicago, Honor Student Breakfast at Second City's de Maat Studio and Funtime Presents: Bob Ross with Ross Compton at A Red Orchid Theatre. Bobby also stretches his film/directing muscles from time to time working with Chicago comedy teams like The Katydids, Michael Pizza, Sad On Vacation, Donkey Ho-tay and Kevin. Bobby would like to thank his parents, Grandma, and sister for laughing at all his jokes.
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BRAD EINSTEIN is incredibly excited to be joining ImprovAcadia this season. He is a member of the internationally acclaimed improvised musical Baby Wants Candy, and is a resident member of ComedySportz Theatre Chicago. He has studied improvisation at Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, Second City, iO, and the Annoyance, where he can currently be seen performing in a number of shows. Recently, he wrote and performed in the TimeOut and Reader-recommended "Please Love Me, High School Boyfriend" for the Chicago Fringe Festival. Much thanks to Jen and Larrance, as well as his family. Enjoy the show!
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KATE COHEN is excited to be a part of ImprovAcadia this summer.s thrilled to be a part of ImprovAcadia's eighth season! Maryland native, Kate has her B.A. in Theatre from the University of Arizona and has been improvising in Chicago since 2004. She performs regularly with ComedySportz Chicago, Laugh Out Loud Theatre and as half of the award-winning musical improv duo Kate & Mike: The Musical. Most recently, Kate spent much of 2010 performing sketch comedy and improvisation with The Second City aboard Norwegian Cruise Lines. Many thanks and much love to her family and friends!

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MICHAEL GIRTS has performed for The Second City in Rod Blagojevich Superstar, Rush Limbaugh! The Musical and Fair and Unbalanced. He has also performed for The Second City aboard Norwegian Cruise Lines, during which time he traveled to Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, the Bahamas, Central America and Mexico. Other credits include the Chicago Improv Festival, Chicago Sketchfest and Laugh Out Loud Theater (Schaumburg, IL). Michael is half of the award-winning improvised musical Kate & Mike: The Musical. He earned his BFA in acting from Syracuse University and his MBA from the University of Notre Dame. Michael teaches improvisation and runs workshops for various universities and professional organizations.
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SETH DODSON currently performs at iO with the improv puppet show Felt and Harold team "Rick". He performs regularly with his creative partner Kellen Alexander on a myriad of projects, most recently a sketch revue at the Annoyance Theatre titled "Seriously? Seriously." He also performs with the Big Yellow Bus at the Playground Theatre. He is also a member of 1, 2, 3, Fag! with Kellen and John Hartman. You can see him co-host The Show and Tell Show Talk Show in mom drag as SpokesMom at Lincoln Hall.

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NICOLE C. HASTINGS a native of Northern California and graduate of Columbia University, is thrilled to be performing at ImprovAcadia this year. In Chicago, Nicole trained at iO and the Second City Conservatory and Music Improv program. She has performed with Second City Training Center's Twisty/SketchCo and Infinite Sundaes and can be seen with her all-female team Eleanor, at Laugh out Loud Theater and as an understudy for the Second City National Touring Company. This time in Maine will help her achieve her goal of going somewhere new every year. Thank you!

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AMY ROEDER is delighted to be back at Improv Acadia for her seventh season! Most recently, she has performed with Second City Theatricals aboard the Norwegian Epic and with Second City in three revues at the Alliance Theatre in Atlanta. Amy has had the great good fortune to have improv homes at Gotham City Improv in New York, the Improv Asylum in Boston, the Playground Theatre in Chicago, Improv Athens at the University of Georgia, JaCKPie Improv in Atlanta and at the incomparable ImprovAcadia. Amy holds an MFA from the University of Georgia and her BFA from the University of Evansville. Many thanks to Jen and Larrance for the opportunity and to her husband Eric.
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LAURA WILKINSON is thrilled to be performing with ImprovAcadia. A graduate of the iO program in Chicago, she has been performing there since 2008. She is an ensemble member of Comedy Sportz, and a performer and Artistic Associate at Chemically Imbalanced Comedy. She has a degree in theatre from ASU, and is currently pursuing a Master's degree at Columbia College in Chicago. She is from the Southwest, but loves the coast and is inexplicably drawn to lobster rolls. She would like to thank the Chicago improv community for existing, Jen and Larrance for this great opportunity, and Barry for everything.

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LIZ REUSS is thrilled to join the cast of ImprovAcadia this season! In Chicago you can catch her improvising with her iO Harold team Wonderbat and the improv group Peach of the Neighborhood. She has studied at The Second City and iO and has written and performed in various sketch shows at many great theaters around the city. Liz is thrilled to be in Maine and really hopes she can see a whale while she's here.
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MARY CAIT WALTHALL might just burst with delight that she gets to be a part of ImprovAcadia this season. She moved to Chicago in 2008 after graduating from Princeton University with a BA in Psychology, continuing her education at the iO Theater and the Second City Training Center. Mary Cait loves improvising with Inkling at iO, Baby Wants Candy at the Apollo, A Dozen Red Roses at CIC, and Velvet Rope at the Upstairs Gallery. She also writes and performs adorkable sketch comedy as one half of the duo Buffalo Buffalo (with ImprovAcadia alumna Lisa Burton).
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MEL EVANS is delighted to return to ImprovAcadia. A native of New Jersey, she can now be seen throughout Chicago performing as a member of the ComedySportz ensemble, with the Playground's Big Yellow Bus and the Basic Eight, the Davenports: An Improvised Soap Opera, the Nick and Jessica Variety Hour, Improvised Jane Austen, Kate, and as an ensemble member of Laugh Out Loud. Mel also wrote and directed "Oops! I Christmassed Again: a Britney Spears Christmas Carol."
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RANCE RIZZUTTO, originally from Portland, OR, has been living in Chicago since 2003. Since 1993 he has been learning, performing, or teaching improv in one fashion or another. His Chicago main stays are ComedySportz, and Chaos Theory and The Deltones at iO. He's been lucky enough to travel the world working for Second City on NCL cruise ships. Rance wouldn't be where he is today without the support of great people...they know who they are...but especially Deanna. When not performing, Rance also does headshot
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VINCENT KRACHT, is thrilled to be back for a fourth season with ImprovAcadia! Back in Chicago, he improvises with Laugh Out Loud Theater, is an ensemble member of the sketch group GayCo, and is a founding member of the completely improvised play, Cast on a Hot Tin Roof.
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WES PERRY is so happy to be down east at ImprovAcadia! He has performed at the iO Theatre in Chicago with Hogwash, Qweirdo, and Firecup, and can currently be seen in the improvised musical, The Deltones. Wes has been in and co-written many shows at the Annoyance Theatre, including Flames and Blazes, Glitter In The Gutter, American Lit, and Frenz Finds It! He would like to thank Jen, Larrance, and Jessica Fletcher.