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Jennifer Shepard is an actress with nineteen years of experience. She has done everything from Greek Tragedy to Avant Garde performance art. After graduating from the University of Iowa, she moved to Chicago to study improvisation. During her nine years in Chicago, she was fortunate enough to perform at ImprovOlympic and The Playground Theater. She also worked with The Chicago Comedy Co, touring to colleges and writing corporate comedy. While in Chicago, Jennifer helped to write over 10 sketch comedy shows with The Galileo Players, GayCo!, and Brick. She loves chamber music.
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Larrance Fingerhut (Music Director) has been improvising on the piano since he was two years old. After spending 13 years performing and composing in the Bar Harbor area he went to Chicago where he was music director for ImprovOlympic, Second City Touring company, and a teacher at Columbia College. He composes chamber music and music for theater.
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Andrew Eninger is the creator of "Sybil," an improvised solo form. He Has performed and taught "Sybil" across the country, in London, and in Toronto. Andy is a founding performer with GayCo Productions, where he has performed in 9 comedy revues, and with the Chicago Comedy Company, which focuses on corporate comedy and training. Andy teaches improvisation and comedy writing for the Second City Training Center in Chicago, and teaches the yearly "Sybilization" solo improv program for the Playground Theatre. His writing/directing credits include "Bedlam" for the Playground, "Tennis" for the Bailiwick Theatre, and music and direction for "Little House on the Parody."
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ABBY MCENANY started improvising over ten years ago in Chicago. She trained at the Second City, ImprovOlympic, and the Annoyance. She currently performs with the all-women improv group Sirens ( She is so happy to be here in Bar Harbor, performing with this terrific cast. Thanks to Jen and Larrance!
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ABBY SHER is thrilled and tickled to be joining this great
group at ImprovAcadia. Before this moment, she performed with the all-female JANE at ImprovOlympic in Chicago, as well as The Second City where she toured for two years and created 5 original reviews on their etc. and Mainstage. She then moved to New York, where she is currently performing at the new Magnet Theater. She loves yoga, the first raindrop, and her fiance,
who is a bird.
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AMY ROEDER started her improv career in Boston as an original mainstage cast member of the Improv Asylum. While at the Asylum, Amy was an instructor in their Training Center, directed graduate revues, directed expansion shows and performed on the mainstage at CIF 2001. Amy relocated to New York, where she performed at a number of theaters, including as an artistic associate with Gotham City Improv. Amy has been featured on HBO's "Sketchpad2," seen on "Late Night with Conan O'Brien," on page 44 of the May 2002 issue of "Maxim" (really), lost on "Jeopardy!" (double really), and starred in a national commercial that some right-wing nutjob's website condemned for weakening the fabric of the American family. Look for Amy in the upcoming independent feature, "Slightly Motivated."
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ANDREA SWANSON Originally from Portland, Oregon, Andrea is thrilled to be in Maine; home of the original Portland. For the
past six years she has lived in Chicago where she teaches 8th grade, competes in triathlons, bakes cakes, and dates a musician. She's proud to say she has performed at "ImprovOlympic", "The Playground", "Chicago ComedySportz" and cherishes her shows with "FuzzyCo's Neutrino Project" and the fabulous KOKO.
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BRIAN JACK can be seen improvising nearly every night of the week in Chicago. On Saturday nights, you can find him performing the Harold with Improv Olympic's "team of the year" The Reckoning. On Sunday nights, you can find him laughing on stage with a crowd favorite, Deep Schwa. Monday through Thursday Brian has enjoyed working with other projects such as Quincy, CLIFFY, The Lottery, Big Brother, Alize and Dubbs and American New Year. He can be found back at Improv Olympic on Friday nights singing and dancing with Baby Wants Candy and if you stay past midnight you may see Weaselicious get booed off stage. Brian is extremly excited to be a part of Improvacadia.
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Cayne Collier has been performing stand-up comedy for the past 14 years and has been performing improvisational comedy for 13 years and 11 months. Cayne is owner and executive producer of "The Elevated" Chicago's longest running independent stand-up comedy showcase. He has also performed competitive improv for 8 years and counting with Comedy Sportz Chicago and in that time has taught high school, adult & corporate workshops and classes. In the past 3 years, Cayne has added sketch and musical comedy to his repertoire. Cayne is co-founder and performer with the sketch group Brick. A critically acclaimed and highly heralded ensemble in the sketch capital of the world Chicago. Cayne has also been performing his original musical comedy for the past 2 years at The Noble Fool Theater Cabaret in the downtown loop of Chicago. His first CD will be available this summer. For more info on Cayne -
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COLLEEN DOYLE began improvising in her hometown of Cleveland, Ohio with The Second City. In Chicago, she trained and performs at ImprovOlympic with the team Little Room and independently with Chairs and Show Pony. One day soon you’ll be able to see her two-woman show Babymakers somewhere in the Chicagoland area. Or maybe Gary. She is deeply indebted to Mom, Jen, and her friends for their laughter and love. And improv, for teaching her that money is just paper you trade for goods and services and she can do without goods and services. Maine!
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DEANNA MOFFITT originally hails from beautiful Portland, OR where she improvised with ComedySportz Portland and All Jane No Dick and wrote and performed sketch with The 3rd Floor and Berkowitz and Moffitt. She has performed in festivals across the country including Miami, New York and Toronto. Deanna currently performs at Chicago's Improv Olympic, The Playground Theater and ComedySportz – Chicago. She also works with Chicago Comedy Company and Spark Creative writing and performing corporate entertainment. She is thrilled to be performing in a place and with people that remind her so much of home.
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ERICA NOSCHANG is thrilled to be a part of ImprovAcadia. She has been a Comedysportz ensemble member since 2003, and performed in the critically acclaimed shows Whose Chorus Line is it Anyway? and The Hot Karl. She has also currently performs at ImprovOlympic with Extra Billies and The Belmont Transfer. Erica loves everything about comic books, zombie movies and Maine in the fall. Endless thanks to Csz, her family, and friends.
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A native of Virginia, Greg Hess is delighted to be at ImprovAcadia! A graduate of the College of William & Mary, he has since studied improvisation at the Second City and ImprovOlympic. In Chicago, he has performed with the Free Associates, Mission:Improvable, and the Cupid Players. Currently, he is enjoying his team Sturgis at the ImprovOlympic, and independent team Show Pony, a showcase ensemble in this year’s Chicago Improv Festival.
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JASON R. CHIN performs, directs, teaches and learns about long-form improvisation in Chicago. He was Director of the Training Center and Associate Artistic Director for the ImprovOlympic Theater for just under a decade, and has created shows (both scripted and improvised) such as Jedi! A Musical Tour de Force, Dinner for Six, and Chicago's longest running independent improv show, the critically acclaimed political satire Whirled News Tonight. He performs in Chicago with The Pat Shay Dancers (one of NowToronto's Best Discovery of 2004!) and Meta5. Jason is very excited to be a part of ImprovAcadia and just to be in Bar Harbor. Jason also speaks in third person all the time, he does.
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Jay Sukow is a veteran Chicago improviser with over ten years of performance experience. Jay began his career at the Second City Northwest, and then moved on to ensemble roles in Comedy Sportz, Improv Olympic, and the Annoyance Theatre. He was 1/4th of the Comedy Sportz Championship-Winning Teams of 2004 and 2005. This past year Jay was engaged to drive and promote one of the world's most exclusive automobile brands, "the Maybach". As a driver / demonstrator Jay has participated in extremely selective events with high-end customers while representing international luxury and style. By day, Jay may or may not have been employed by the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency, as he and their pollution-fighting superhero 'Breathe Easy Man" have never been seen in the same place at the same time.He also has extensive emcee and hosting experience, and enjoys teaching and perfecting improv in different forms. In his spare time, Jay works for corporate clients leading team-building games and exercises.
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Jeremy Sosenko is an expert at data entry. On the side, he performs around Chicago with seminal improv/sketch group American Dream, at ImprovOlympic in the Late Night Late Show and with the team Ned Beatty. He recently starred as Joe in the independent film "Cooking Lesson". Do you need five bucks? Because he'd be happy to lend it to you. He's that
cool a guy.
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LLOYD AHLQUIST is a founding member of the nationally acclaimed touring improv group Mission IMPROVable. He's been teaching and performing improv since 1998 and it has taken him to nearly every state in the U.S. and Singapore. In addition to M.I. Lloyd performs with the Improv Olympic West Harold team Doctor Jones and was a member of the Chicago based ensemble Johnny Roast Beef. Lloyd currently performs and resides in Los Angeles but he is originally from New Hampshire so he's wicked psyched to be going back to the east coast.
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Marion Austin Oberle
is delighted to once again be a part of ImprovAcadia! Marion lives in Los Angeles where she can be seen performing weekly at Improv Olympic West ( ) and ComdeySportz Los Angeles ( This Summer you can catch Marion on CBS's new show "Fire Me Please" as well as in several Wendy's Commericals. Prior to moving to L.A. she spent several years in Chicago writing and performing with the critically acclaimed sketch group Brick. No stranger to the North East, Marion has performed at the VAPA theatre in Bennington, Vermont and the Studio Arena Theatre in Buffalo, New York. Love to her family- Jason, Elphy & Gator.
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Megan Kellie has been improvising since 1994. After training with the Second City, she has performed in Chicago with ComedySportz and ImprovOlympic Theatres. Megan is a founding member of the Chicago sketch comedy group Brick and has done sketch work with Chicagoís Galileo Players. She has appeared at the New York International Fringe Festival and the Goodman Theatre. She digs writing and knitting and pretty much any art project.
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MIKE LEHRER, called a "Chameleon like character actor" by the Chicago Sun times, has been living and performing in Chicago for the past 7 years. Before Chicago, Michael appeared in theatre throughout Wyoming and performed a summer season with the Straw Hat Players in Minnesota. Michael studied theatre at Central Wyoming College, Columbia College of Chicago, lmprov Olympic, and the Annoyance Theater. Michael performs weekly at lmprov Olympic, is a ensemble member with Comedysportz, and has recently appeared at WNEP Theater. In the past, Michael has been seen in Dirty South lmprov The Beatbox, Mission Improvable, Andy Eninger's "Sybil" and Tony n' Tinas Wedding. Michael was awarded the title of Duo Improviso 2004 at WNEP Theater's yearly improv competition. Michael has performed at festivals across the country and Canada, at The Miami Improv Festival, Del Clsoe Marathon (NYC), Toronto Improv Festival, St Louis Fringe Festival, Filet Of Solo Festival (Chicago), Single File Festival (Chicago) and The Chicago Improv Festival.
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MIKE SHREEMAN started his career in Detroit where he earned his SAG and AFTRA memberships. Some favorite roles include improvising for Disney Cruise Line, playing Fred Gayley in the national tour of the musical "Miracle on 34th St." and returning for the eighth year as spokesman of the Dusseldorf Tourism Bureau. At ImprovOlympic, he directed the long running hit "Baby Wants Candy" and currently teaches at Second City Chicago. Mike also founded and directs "Novel Ideas", an improvisational theater troupe that performs at schools throughout the Mid West. He would like to thank Jen and Larrance for the chance to bask in the spiritual glow of Maine and its people. And the golf courses.
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PAT SHAY is thrilled to be here in Bar Harbor this summer. A long-time student of Del Close, Pat performed at Del’s theater, the ImprovOlympic, for nearly ten years with a dozen different ensembles, including two “house teams” and the national touring ensemble. He has played diverse roles in scripted theater, including all of the characters in his well-received solo show “Their Own Words: an evening with Gielgud, Burton, and Olivier.” To the best of his knowledge, he is the only person in history to play the lead in a full production Hamlet and a singing, dancing Pa Ingalls within a six-month span. Currently based in New York, Peoples Improv Theater in New York, he is most excited about his brand-new wife, Mary.
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Rance Rizzutto, originally from Portland, OR now calls Chicago "home". Aside of playing and teaching for ComedySportz Chicago, he also performs with the ImprovOlympic team "Johnny Roast Beef" and with DSI's The Beatbox. Rance wouldn't be where he is today without the support of great people...they know who they are.
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REBECCA SOHN is thrilled to be part of the ImprovAcadia legacy. She loves New England and is delighted to be back. In Chicago she is an ensemble member of The Annoyance, an alumna of The Second City ETC and the Improv Olympic.
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RICH SOHN, as of this writing, is married to the beautiful and talented Rebecca Sohn. They live in Chicago where Rich teaches, directs and performs improv with Annoyance Productions, the ImprovOlympic and the Pat Shay Dancers. He is excited to be joining the talented cast of ImprovAcadia in lovely Maine.
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SETH WEITBERG was born in Boston and raised in Rhode Island, and is absolutely thrilled to be back in New England to join this incredible cast. After four years improvising, writing and filmmaking with Duke University Improv, Seth found his way to Chicago. He can be seen at the ImprovOlympic
( with the team Traffic & Weather and is also the creator and a cast member there for The Late Night Late Show ( He can be seen improvising around town with the ensemble Stewtopia and the two-man powerhouse, Nogoodnicks, a 2005 selection for the Chicago Improv Festival. Seth has been featured in a number of shows at Donny's Skybox Theatre, as well as in such shows as Mock The Vote at the Theater Building and The Beatbox, with whom he has performed in Chicago, New York, North Carolina, Iowa and Toronto. His one-man show, the john doe project, was featured at the 2004 Single File Festival. If you need to find Seth around town, he'll be the one grinning wildly and shoving seafood in his mouth.